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Cooking to Lose Weight

Cooking to lose weight can be achieved by any person. You certainly do not need a chef or nutritionist for healthy cooking and to eat foods that make you lose weight. Low fat cooking is generally healthier and even better when high in fiber. The following are the tips you can use to get the best meals with half the calories.

Cooking Low Calorie Meals to Lose Weight: 20 Tips

1. Use nonstick cooking spray for your stir fries and baking.

2. If you have to use oil, choose canola oil which is good fat with low fat content.

3. Heat your pan before you add oil, that way you will use a smaller amount of oil.

4. Use only extra-lean meats and skinless poultry.

5. You can buy the ordinary meat and poultry and remove the excess fat. It is much cheaper doing so.

6. Bake, stir fry (in small amounts of oil or nonstick spray), poach, grill , broil, steam or microwave (without oil or butter) your food instead of deep frying. Lower fat content helps in cooking to lose weight .

7. Drain excess fat from your dishes (meat) after cooking in a rack.

8. Use soy, lentils, beans and other legumes as your healthy protein. They are also high in fiber.

9. Use more white meat (chicken or turkey) than red meat.

10. Use more egg-whites than yolks in your baking.

11. Eat more grilled fish in your diet instead of red meat.

12. Use fat-free milk in you cooking and baking .

13. Baked potatoes are healthier and lower in fat content than French fries.

14. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet.

15. Plain yoghurt is a good substitute for cream.

16. Add more soluble fiber in your stews and baking.

17. Learn to read food labels in order to buy the low fat alternatives .

18. Cook fewer pots in order to have minimal fat content. If you have a big pot of mixed vegetables, you use a smaller amount of fat than when you use different pans.

19. Use whole grain ingredients instead of refined or even whole-wheat. Mix your flours (wheat with rye).

20. Always serve with generous amounts of a vegetable salad.

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