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Imbalanced Hormones

Imbalanced hormones is probably the most common yet not easy to diagnose condition amongst women. This is especially true for younger women who are not going through menopause and therefore not expected to be having symptoms of hormone imbalance. Here are a few tips to recognise a symptoms of a hormone imbalance

Endless Exhaustion: One day you wake up being exhausted and you blame it on that two-week project. Then the exhaustion never stops, you may want to pay your doctor a visit.

Anxiety and Depression:You then get depressed and your slave driver of a boss has something to do with it. Hormones do manifest through unfounded anxiety and tiredness.

Cold or Heat: You feel too cold or too hot and it has something to do with the climate change. It could be time to have your hormones examined.

Skin Pigmentation, Acne or Eczema: If only you didn't buy a new moisturizer. No, it could be having nothing to do with your expensive facial creams, deal with the cause. The breakouts are a symptom.

Excessive Weight Gain or Weight Loss: The cabbage soup diet is calling your name. Bad eating habits and a poor diet worsen the hormonal problems.

Vaginal Dryness and Irregular Periods: These are common symptoms of hormones needing attention. You are probably not pregnant when you miss a period.

And the list of imbalanced hormones goes on. It’s easy to get fooled when it comes to hormonal imbalance related illnesses. Seek professional help before it gets out of hand. The truth is; it’s very possible to treat and control hormones through a healthy lifestyle.

Hormone Quotes

"PMS doesn't cause aggression, it offers an excuse."
Nombini Kutta-Mathye

“The risks of breast cancer, stroke, heart attack and blood clots outweigh the benefits for bones. And we have other drugs we can use to prevent osteoporosis.”
Dr. Maura Parker Quinlana. on HRT

"The whole purpose of healthy women taking long-term estrogen/progestin therapy is to preserve health and prevent disease. The results of this study provide strong evidence that the opposite is happening for important aspects of women's health, even if the absolute risk is low."
Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Graham, on HRT

More Articles on Imbalanced Hormones:

Imbalanced Hormones: Natural Treatment.
A healthy diet is essential in balancing one's hormones. The good oils that are good sources of Omega 3 are very essential in balancing one's hormones.

Thyroid problems
The thyroid is a gland located inside the neck to produce hormones that regulate the rate of metabolism and affect growth and functioning of the body systems. This is the reason an abnormal thyroid shows as some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. There are some dietary considerations for someone with thyroid problems.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Challenges falling pregnant? You might be suffering from PCOS.

Hormone Imbalance and Skin
Some of the hormonal imbalance factors are skin pigmentation or discoloration; acne;reak-outs; dehydrated and itchy dry skin. This happens a lot in teen ages, during menopause and during and after the pregnancy. Learn the tricks of treating hormonal imbalance naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men
Hormone imbalance and erectile dysfunction is common in aging men. Whilst most people think “women” when hormones are mentioned, men are as susceptible to this condition. The condition can get men to have sexual dysfunction with impotence and loss of libido.

Facts about Hormonal Imbalance

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