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Low GI Meal Plan

A low GI meal plan or diet is expected to lead to slow carbohydrate absorption into our systems and thereby leads to weight loss. I had a number of people asking for an example of a meal plan for people who want to follow a low GI diet. Use our list of Low GI foods to help design your own diet plan. A low GI eating plan has helped a number of people change their lifestyles. If you have tried all else without success, give this healthy diet a try. Below is an example of a low GI day meal plan.


Low GI Diet - Tried and Tested.

---------End Promotion------


1 slice rye bread (homemade)

1 poached egg

Tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, 2 spoons of canned beans


Plain youghurt

1 apple


Baby potatoes boiled or baked with skin


Small salad


1 Orange and a handful of raw nuts


1 cup brown rice with some lentils

Chicken breast cooked into a stew

Steamed vegetables

1 cup deciduous fruit salad

Use this meal plan to guide you in designing your own weekly eating plan. Please check the food portion sizes and watch the pounds melting away. The most important part is having your 8 glasses of water and enough sleep everyday. All the best, and please share your success with us. We appreciate any advice shared with us through the contact-us page.

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